How Chronic Illness and Pain Can Impact Your Mental Health

December 2018

Chronic illness and pain affect us not just in the mind, but in the body. Read more in this article in Aaptiv Magazine that I was quoted in: “How Chronic Illness and Pain can Impact your Mental Health.”

The Psychological Toll of Childhood Rejection

November 2018

Ever wonder how what we experience as children affects us? Some experiences are especially difficult to overcome, and they last a long time. Often when I work with people on difficult emotions and physical sensations we find that these are connected to early childhood experiences. Rejection from parents and other primary caregivers is especially damaging. See more in this article from Bustle that I was quoted in: 7 Subtle Signs You’re Suffering from Childhood Rejection

Coping with the holidays

November 2018

Holidays can be hard, especially if you are struggling with family members who don’t respect your identity. I offered some ways to cope with the feelings and stressors during the holidays after coming out as LBTGQ in this article in Teen Vogue: How to Survive Your First Thanksgiving Since Coming Out

CBT for Election Stress

November 2018

Whew. The election is over! Even though it’s over, you may still be feeling stressed about the outcome. Check out this article in Teen Vogue that I was quoted in yesterday (you do have to read the whole thing because my pearls of wisdom are at the bottom): How to Cope with Stress After Election Day

Psychotherapy Helps Cure Insomnia

October 2018

Insomnia is an issue that a lot of people struggle with and something I treat a lot of people for. It is especially common in people with chronic pain or who have experienced a traumatic event. Check out this article from Bustle I’m quoted in: Insomnia Treatments For Women Can Work, But Doctors Don’t Always Know How To Apply Them