Online therapy Makes Sense in Minnesota

We live in Minnesota. Blizzards happen. And if you’re in the Twin Cities, traffic and road construction definitely happen. Add to that struggles with chronic pain or difficulty driving, and it can be hard to attend sessions regularly. I get it. That’s why I offer individual psychotherapy sessions via telemedicine.

I also offer remote counseling sessions because many Minnesotans don’t live in the Twin Cities, and there is a good chance that specialized psychotherapy for pain and trauma like Prolonged Exposure, EMDR, CBT, and clinical hypnosis, is not offered near you. You may also be interested in online counseling if you live in rural or small town Minnesota and have concerns about privacy. Or, maybe you live in the Iron Range, Northern Minnesota, or Southern Minnesota, and it’s a long drive to the nearest local therapist (see above points about weather and road construction), and you’d rather spare yourself the gas and time.

How REmote Counseling Works

A telemedicine appointment is just like a regular psychotherapy appointment, except it is done via video call on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. I use as the platform. It is extremely easy to use. You just need to click here or on the badge below or at the bottom of the page at your scheduled appointment time and type in your name so I know you are ready to go. You can even test out the platform before we have an appointment by visiting the page and clicking “start test” in the lower lefthand corner

Telemedicine for Pain and Medical Issues, or Just to save Time

Telemedicine can also be a helpful way to maintain consistent appointments, if getting to my office is a struggle. It can also be used in case of emergency, such as if you wake up with severe pain that makes it hard to get out of bed on the day of your appointment. You would just let me know before your appointment time that we will be meeting online.

Telemedicine sessions can be helpful if you live far from my office, if you have mobility or transportation issues, or in case you would like to save some time commuting to my office during the day. Some people like to alternate in-person appointments with telemedicine appointments, and others will strictly use teleconsultation. If you only want to use a telemedicine appointment every so often or not at all, that’s fine too. I prefer to meet people in my office at least once or twice prior to using telemedicine, but if you live far away, let’s talk to see if telemedicine appointments alone would be right for you.

Is Psychotherapy Via Telemedicine Right for you?

Telemedicine appointments are not for every one, and I require that we have a conversation either in person or via telemedicine to assess whether telehealth would be a good fit.

Some cases in which it is best to have primarily in-person sessions are…

  • if your internet connection is unreliable.

  • if you don’t have a quiet, secure place to talk with me.

  • if you engage in frequent risky behaviors like self harm.

  • if you struggle with frequent suicidal thoughts.

  • if you are struggling with issues of substance abuse and are actively using.

  • if you are in an abusive relationship and do not have a place away from your abuser to talk with me.

You must physically be located in Minnesota at the time of the appointment, although there are some exceptions to this, such as if you are located internationally or just on vacation from time to time. Times, fees, and policies are the same as in person appointments.

If you think telemedicine would be helpful as an option for you in therapy, give me a call at 651-998-8991 so we can discuss how using telemedicine in therapy can help you feel better in mind and body.